The healthiest meal for newborns and young children is breastmilk. For mom and baby, it offers genuine health advantages that endure a lifetime.

Comprehensive Breastfeeding Support for You and Your Baby

Comprehensive Breastfeeding Support for You and Your Baby.

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Comprehensive Breastfeeding Support for You and Your Baby

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Lactation Consultant Chicago

In Home Lactation Consultation

If you’re a new mother who hasn’t breastfed before, We’ll provide you with all the information you need to feed your child safely.

Breast Feeding Virtual Consultancy


When in person isn’t an option, we can connect virtually to work together on your goals. Virtual consultations are used for most prenatal and class-based consultations.

In Home Lactation Consultant Chicago


Milky way lactation can take most Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Anthem BCBS, and Cigna PPO. MilkyWay Lactation is out -of -network for all insurance plans outside of billing through The Lactation Network.

Lactation Consultant Chicago

Milky Way Lactation

MilkyWay Lactation uses MilkNotes, a HIPPA compliant app, to communicate securely with our patients and providers. Upon booking, you will receive a link to our portal which you can access from your phone or computer. You will be able to access your plan of care, send messages directly to your IBCLC, as well as access telehealth appointments when scheduled.

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Milky Way Lactation Consultant Chicago

Our Services

We provide the following services with our professional advice.

  • Prenatal guidance and education
  • Latch assessment

  • Painful nursing

  • Milk transfer evaluation
  • Nipple discomfort and harm
  • Feeding evaluation

  • Supplementation
  • Inadequate milk supply
  • Oversupply management

  • Reflux
  • Re-lactation
  • Breast pump optimization

  • Back to work assistance
  • Introducing solids to baby
  • Aide in weaning

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